Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sam's Club MS 150 Frisco to Fort Wort...

Sam's Club MS 150 Frisco to Fort Worth 2010

day 1

It's been over a week since we crossed the finish line. I think I have recovered. Back on that Saturday when I loaded my bike into the car, as I shut the trunk I thought "Did I just hear thunder?" Shortly after that it stared to rain. At the house it was pouring. I thought, "Not again." As I drove up to the start in Frisco the rain let up, thanks Connie. The parking lot was dry at the start. Finished getting dressed and took my bags over to the truck to be hauled to TMS. I decided to keep my rain jacket In hind sight I could have left it at home, who knew? Around 7:20 am the team I was riding with "Team Bike Mart" rolled out and started our journey. It's tough not to get caught up in the adrenaline and start ridding with the big boys and girls. At the third rest stop I overheard some people talking about keeping the pace around 17 mph. I asked if I could ride with them. We clipped along at a good pace. We had a good lunch. It's hard not to over eat. 

Why there are those wicked little hills after lunch? that's just cruel. we rode along and stopped at a few stops but not all of them. I didn't get my yearly picture of me and Chester the Cheetah. As we were on the last leg of day one my legs reminded me that I had not been drinking enough. I was able to fight off the cramps. I drank heavily after the ride. I drank water not beer. we finished around 2 pm. here's the data from my ride.

Day 2

It was a little chilly in the morning. I decided not to wear a jacket hoping that it would get warm soon. as I was ridding out after stuffing myself full of pancakes and bacon, I noticed a group of riders from vipmotorcars.net and they looked like they would ride my pace. They started to do a rolling paceline and I was able to get in. We kept that going until the first rest stop. I the rest stop we introduced ourselves and I asked if I could tag along. "Sure" was what I heard. after that we picked up the pace a little and kepth the paceline rolling. We would pick up a few people here and there. We hit ever other rest stop. At one point we had a double paceline going since there were six of us. We made it through the hills and everything else. They were great to ride with. we crossed the finish line around 1 pm.

data from day 2*

*my "computer" didn't pick up my heart rate after lunch, but I finally got it back.

I'm ready to do it again.

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